Laura Stahl


All Jacked Up's Laura Stahl

Laura Stahl

Growing up, Laura had many musical influences. As a little girl she loved listening to her dad play bluegrass music (and still does!). She and her mom loved singing along with George Jones and Loretta Lynn records. And her big brother entertained her imitating Elvis and the Beatles. Laura learned to love and appreciate all kinds of music.

At 17, a friend convinced her to audition for the popular local band “The Mary Jane Band” as a back-up vocalist. She got the job and from then on she was hooked! She had the knack for harmony and sang backup for Mary Jane Price who Laura refers to as one of her mentors.

Then in the early 80’s she recorded High Energy Dance music on Dice Records as Lauren Grey. She toured coast to coast singing in dance clubs. Several of her recordings actually charted on the Billboard Dance Chart! During that period she hooked up with one of her now lifelong friends and mentors Leah Landis. Laura later joined Leah in the very successful local band Johnny Favorite who’s members included some of the original members of The Lovers. Johnny Favorite even once performed at the famed Roxy on the sunset strip in LA .

Then life happened…she got married and had two wonderful children and put music on the back-burner for a few years. Kids now all grown, she is excited to be back on stage with the talented musicians of All Jacked Up entertaining enthusiastic crowds in southwestern Ohio!