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4 comments on “Talk
  1. Ellis Ball says:

    I got the opportunity to see your band at North Park in Springboro, Tuesday night. I just want you to know that I enjoyed your concert as much or perhaps better than any I have ever seen before. The mix of music and the way you perform them in my opinion is the top shelf of concerts. A special notation to Dan I love his guitar talent. You are all extremely good at what you do. Thanks for the entertaining evening.

  2. Don Wright says:

    North Park concerts have been amazing this year. The band ‘All Jacked Up’ was phenomenal! Lead vocalist, Laura Stahl, was one of the best female vocalists I have seen in over 30 years. She’s high energy and covered material from the 60s to today’s pop stars such as Lady Gaga and Adele. She’s soul, rock, blues, pop, country, and does it all magnificently.

    All-in-all this band is high energy, great fun, and they’ll make you very happy.

    Read the full story in the Springboro Sun.

  3. Jim Snow says:

    All Jacked Up played at The Tropics from 9-1 after the ‘Blues Fest’ @ Fraze…and were AWESOME! Playing more modern songs than most local ‘Classic Rock’ bands-the set list was carefully crafted with style and class. Where else can you hear Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Big and Rich and ‘Smoke on the Water’-all in one show ? And Laura’s cover of Adele’s ‘In the Deep’ is the best around ! This is the Best I have heard them & Rogan & Jeff were there to make the sound as good as it gets in The Tropics (and Rogan even joined them on guitar for ‘Play that Funky Music’). We’re already ‘all jacked up’ for their next performance.

  4. The Snow Report says:

    July 24 2015 Reposted form The SnowReport.
    Immediately after the Marshall Tucker Band’s Concert at Fraze Pavilion we headed over to The Phone Booth Lounge to see one of our favorite bands: All Jacked Up at the Phone Booth! This would be our first opportunity to see All Jacked Up following their recent announce of Jim Browning as their new bass player, in replacement of the departing Mark Bianchi. This veteran bassist and teacher for the Dayton Public Schools has been playing around the Miami Valley with numerous bands, and most recently Sonic Mojo. Jim’s competent skills and precise playing will certainly be an asset to AJU by complementing fellow rhythm section member drummer Scott Placke’s reputable talents.
    We arrived to catch only a couple of songs from the back of the packed house before the band took their first break after an hour and a half opening set. Drink acquisition and socializing is always best suited for an intermission. But when AJU cranked it up again, we were able to move to the front of the cavernous venue for a better look, sound, and dancing. Huddled with friends near Bill Thomas’s table at the right of the stage, AJU’s infectious grooves drew us immediately to the dance floor with a couple by The Beatles, as well as a few new additions to the setlist. The intensity grew as lead singer Laura Stahl delivered one of The Best covers of Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’ – I have ever heard…male or female. Steve Perry himself probably never sounded THAT GOOD Live ! And Mike Stein’s keyboards also sounded dead on, as did Dan Bartosik’s guitar from the other side of the stage. When Scott took the vocal lead on the next song, “Cherry Bomb (John Mellencamp song)” – and it sounded Perfect…I KNEW something was amiss. Suddenly I noticed that we had been dancing in front of what appeared to be a new Sound System. Jeff Stahl (Laura’s husband) – who always runs the sound board for AJU, owns Parts Express in Springboro, Ohio…so 1 + 2 = “Jeff” – gets the credit for The Best sound system I’ve Ever heard in a club ! {I’m just assuming that he’s responsible for it’s acquisition} So clean and accurate, yet not too loud for the long yet narrow room at The Booth. We were absolutely Blown Away !
    Please understand that it’s not just the new system~ Laura has been one of the Best singers around since the Eighties (sorry Laura – she was probably aged 6), and Scott and Mike earned their chops years ago – but collectively their voices and instruments have never sounded better.
    The evolution of this popular Dayton act is now complete. With all the pieces in place, you can catch All Jacked Up’s next show on September 4th at the “Austin Landing First Friday Concert” from 7-10pm. They will return to The Phone Booth Lounge on Saturday August 22nd, playing 9-1am. Our table is already reserved. Check out “The Snow Report” on Facebook